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Bee stings? Strawberries? Hemophilia? Give us a heads up here. If your allergies involve serious health risks that you'd like us to keep an eye out for (e.g. nut allergies) please check the box in the next question.
Is your dietary or health issue severe?
Meaning, could you end up in the hospital if something goes wrong?
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Emergency Phone
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Emergency Address
What's the home address of your emergency person? If it's the same as your address, just put something like "same as mine".
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We'll keep in touch to make sure you have rides to and from the airport.
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Helps us figure out if we can make any off-site trips during the program (for laundry on Saturday, for example).
Can you commit to a full two weeks? *
It's super great if you can be there the whole time. If you have to skip work, or band camp or whatever, you won't regret it. It's not just us being strict. Really. We are just very sure that you'll wish you were there the whole, entire time.
All right, if it has to be part time or nothing, then part time is much better. Please explain your plans a bit so that we can work things out.